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PBC SHRM Mission is to promote organizational excellence  through the advancement of the Human Resource Profession
in partnership with our business community. 

our Leadership

PBC SHRM 2022 President's Message

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Aimee Mangold, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend
I am a lobster lover
I am a karaoke singer
I am a dancing queen
I am Puerto Rican
I am a coffee lover
I am from New York
I am a fur baby mama to Schatzi
I am a fashionista

Jessica Zehetmaier
I am mommy, wife, daughter, sister and friend
I am weekend snuggles watching movies
I am spontaneous adventures
I am laughing until you cry
I am a game changer
I am a lifelong learner
I am a lover not a fighter
I am what I am, and I am thankful 


Tanya Vaughn-Patterson
I am from the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly affection
I am cheese steaks and water ice 
I am mobster movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas
I am Double Dutch rope, Hopscotch, and Jacks
I am Sunday dinners of sweet potatoes, Mac & cheese and and baked chicken
I am mother to two Rottweilers named Dallas & Airy
I am a Marine and wife of a Marine
I am a mom, friend and confidant to many 

Paula Humber, MBA, SHRM-SCP
I am the only girl, a mother, a wife, an auntie, a friend.
I am Haiti, New Jersey, Illinois and Florida.
I am a piano, cello, and a song from the Spirit.
I am Holidays, Birthdays and beautifully wrapped gifts.
I am a helper, a dreamer, and a fighter.
I am Popcorn, Reese Cups and movies.
I am the smell of Lemons, Lavender and tea from my dad’s garden.
I am Paula.

Tammy Lane 
I am a cozy blanket in front a crackling fire
I am fulfilled by being with those I love
I am a fierce competitor
I am a great, great, great, granddaughter of a Mormon pioneer
I am passionate about supporting our Veteran community 
I am a devoted dog Mommy
I am a servant heart

Brian Knapp
I am a husband & a dad
I am a brother, a son & a friend
I am family first
I am always learning
I am always playing
I am beach in Summer & mountains in Winter
I am outdoors as much as I can
I am a Floridian
I am an optimist

John Muller 
        I am a family man.
        I am a native Floridian.
        I am a Miami Hurricane.
        I am a world traveler.
        I make things happen.
        I do what’s right.

Tracy Ellison
I am an Island girl, the eldest of 3
I am a people person, a bonus Mom, and the “fun” Auntie
I am karaoke, dancing and entertaining on a Friday night
I am “let’s have a last-minute BBQ” that turns into party
I am a low-key singer, song writer and poet   
I am the prankster, the cook, the nurturer and the protector of my family/friends

Bobbi Booker
I am a happy person, spouse, fur baby parent, adopted parent, and grand parent.
I love the beach, Florida, Sports, Life
I am not a follower and if you are a leader, I can help you to become a Great Leader.
My Mantra is "Do The Right Thing"


Nick Tunno
I am a brother to four amazing siblings
I am a die hard Miami sports fan
I am a traveler, foodie and adrenaline junkie I am grateful for life and all the experiences that come with it I am Nick

Angela Campbell is an HR professional with over 10 years’ experience working with companies to identify and present top talent for their open positions. Angela Holds a PHR. She is very customer focused and works closely to make sure she completely understands their needs and the culture of the company. Her areas of expertise include business development, recruitment and recruitment marketing, employee recognition, compensation, and performance management.

Luisa Niakan is the President and Director of Talent Acquisition at Touchstone Professionals. As a strategic full-cycle Corporate Recruiting Manager, she specializes in work culture driven matchmaking. With a special focus serving the healthcare industry and legal field, she brings a unique approach to direct-hire recruiting that is customized to each organization s budget and is grounded by her commitment to adding value and success to every team by matching the right candidate with the work culture. Her unique emotional intelligence and adaptability approach has given her a relationship-first reputation, where she expertly matches candidates and employers based on a synergy of core values.

Prior to starting her own recruitment firm, the depth of her professional background spans many years and includes being part of the Human Resources team at WSAudiology-HearUSA as a Recruitment Specialist. There, she obtained her PHR and partnered with the VP of HR as well as other hiring leaders to implement new strategies and processes that improved the overall corporate work culture mindset, reduced talent acquisition costs, and streamlined and expedited the corporate hiring process and recruiting strategy.

She has remained an active member of SHRM since 2012 and served on the leadership team as Palm Beach County SHRM Facilities Chair. Later, she continued to support the organization as Conference Co-Chair in January of 2020. Currently, she works directly with the Conference Chair to help successfully launch all aspects of the Palm Beach County SHRM Annual Conference.

Luisa believes strongly that while we spend the majority of our time with our work families, having the best possible fit for the role not only supports and enhances the workplace culture, it also creates a sustainable connection and synergy that improves overall productivity and contributes to greater satisfaction across the board. It s why she always puts the relationship first!


Lynette Marraffa
I am a devoted and loving mother of 2 amazing teenagers (17 & 18). #iloveteenagers #parentingisfun
I am a fun, adventurous, lovable, and honest give it all you got girlfriend, wife, and partner in life.
I am committed and determined to exceed expectations.
I am in love with the new Doritos Smartfood popcorn.
I am a lover of fishing, hunting, diving, and boating.
I am a lifelong softball player and always will be.
I am experiences over collecting things.
I am a Chicago southside girl.
I am grateful for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  

Joey Petruzzelli is an account manager for the iTHINK Financial Credit Union. In this role Joey Petruzzelli manages the partnerships with the companies that offer a financial benefits package to their employees, he also volunteers his time to community events for the credit union. Joey Petruzzelli has been in the financial industry for the past 13 years, prior to entering the financial industry Joey Petruzzelli was an owner of a packing & shipping franchise in Boca Raton where he was rated one of the top 50 grossing stores in the Southern region, as a small business owner he took on the roles of HR, CEO, CFO and the friendly face you saw when walking into his store. Joey Petruzzelli is married with three beautiful children, which keeps him pretty busy, he also has a love for the outdoors where he enjoys surfing and fresh water fishing with his family.


Lynette Marraffa
I am a devoted and loving mother of 2 amazing teenagers (17 & 18). #iloveteenagers #parentingisfun
I am a fun, adventurous, lovable, and honest give it all you got girlfriend, wife, and partner in life.
I am committed and determined to exceed expectations.
I am in love with the new Doritos Smartfood popcorn.
I am a lover of fishing, hunting, diving, and boating.
I am a lifelong softball player and always will be.
I am experiences over collecting things.
I am a Chicago southside girl.
I am grateful for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  

Michelle Hough
I am a lifelong learner
I am a desire to make a difference
I am a servant heart
I am a God girl
I am fiercely independent
I am passionate about wine
I am roots in four states (NJ, PA, NC, FL)
I am love for college football (go PSU!)
I am love for the beach and water
I am fascinated by astronomy
I am a daughter, sister and friend
I am a twin

Christina Kelly
        I am a mother, wife and friend.
        I am a weekend warrior or tv binger.
        I am a Floridian.
        I am a connector.
        I am a fan of culinary arts.
        I am a game changer.
        I am a lifelong learner.
        I am a particular person in my ways.
        I am a friend

Deeawn T. Roundtree
I am a Christian who is still seeking to understand.
I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend.
I am a music lover who likes to take long walks, sing, and dance.
I am a Starbucks green tea latte with coconut milk and 4 stevia
I am a beach bum any day of the week.
I am a yogini. 
I am a lover of life.
I am a mentor, community servant, and leader.
I am a vegetarian who couldn't be a vegan because I love cheese.
I am a lover of people who still enjoys her alone time.
I am a Stephen Carter book reader.
I am a lover of superhero movies.

Katie I. Kato has thirty five+ years of human resources experience serving in leadership roles primarily within the hospital & healthcare industry. She is the President/ Chief Human Resources Strategist for The Human Resources Factor, LLC, where she provides support to a number of different organizations including her current role as Senior Director of Human Resources at iRISE/Florida Spine & Joint Institute. She’s also completed interim VP HR assignments in Los Angeles, CA at HCA West Hills Hospital and in Miami at Aventura Medical Center. She provides human resources consulting services to small businesses with various HR and employment-related compliance issues.  Previously, she was the Senior Vice President-Human Resources/Chief Human Resources Officer for Promise Healthcare/Success Healthcare (with 19 facilities in 9 states) whose corporate office was located in Boca Raton, FL. She previously worked as Director of Human Resources for HCA Palms West Hospital & HCA Largo Medical Center, Regional Director of Human Resources for Doctor’s Hospital/Miami Rehab/West Gables/Larkin Hospitals (previously with HealthSouth…now part of Baptist Healthcare), Senior Home Care (a home health company), Parkway Regional Medical Center, and other HR roles/positions.

Katie is currently an At-Large Director for PBC SHRM and the HR Florida Ambassador for the HR Florida Conference.  Since 1987, has served in a number of other SHRM Board roles with the North Central Florida SHRM, Greater Miami SHRM, and Suncoast SHRM Chapters including Secretary, VP Membership, Non-Dues Revenue, College Relations, Programs, Awards Chairs and Past-President of the Student Chapter of ASPA (predecessor of SHRM) at the University of Florida. In 2019, Katie served on the Learning & Education Committee for the national American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA). She was also previously the President of the ASTD Chapter (now ATD) in North Central Florida.

Katie received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Florida. In addition, she is lifetime certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) with the Society for Human Resources Management. Katie is also an Authorized Partner for the PXT Select with Profiles International, Inc. 

In her personal life, Katie enjoys spending time with her daughter/family, entertaining, and traveling. Katie is also a huge University of Florida Gator fan, with season football tickets, and Life Membership with the University of Florida Alumni Association.


Past Presidents 

2020-21 - Brian Knapp
2019-20- Aimee Mangold, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
2017-18 - John Haymore, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, LSSYB
2016 - Katie Beirne, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP
2015 - Darron Davis, PHR
2014 - Tim Garman
2013 - Jennifer Gunter, M.S, PHR
2012 - Eric Gordon, Esq.
2011 - Brian Altschuler, M.S., SPHR
2009-10 - Lara Donlon, Esq., SPHR
2008 - Dominique Cultrera, GPHR, PHR
2007 - Olga Otero, PHR
2006 - Roy Lantz, CCP, SPHR
2004-05 - Karen Roberts, SPHR
2004 - Paul Hederman, SPHR
2003 - Michele Dobos, PHR
2002 - Daivd Huntley, SPHR
2001 - Ellen Finnerty, SPHR
2000 - Robert Francis, SPHR
1998-99 - Rita Craig, SPHR
1998 - Ronald Dias
1997 - Kathryn Schmidt, SPHR
1996 - Debra Laster, SPHR
1995 - Kristina Steffer
1994 - Mona Christie, SPHR

1993 - Susan Napolitano, PHR
1992 - Sandra Lamb
1991 - Joan Slaughenhaupt
1990 - Vicky Porter
1989 - R. Ricky Hyre
1988 - Kenneth Kirby, SPHR
1987 - Toby Cohen
1986 - Jacqueline Cassady
1986 - Marc Yanchura
1984 - William Crouse
1983 - Frank Angerame
1982 - Jeanne Brannon
1981 - Eldene Spriggs
1980 - George Anderson
1979 - Louis Benson, PH.D.
1978 - Donald Stephens
1977 - D. Allen Strickland
1976 - George Nale
1975 - John Girardeau
1974 - Charles Camus, Jr.
1972-73 - Malcom Smith
1971 - Thomas Boyd
1970 - John Green
1969 - Earnest Nelson
1968 - Norma Good


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